Norwegian Lessons

Classes with Torleif are fun, interactive and very structured. He makes sure that every student speaks clear Norwegian with proper grammar. The lessons are 100% book-free, we will only use PPT and Google Docs in the classes.

Interesting material is used with images and text related to new vocabulary. After the lessons the students will be given HW to do at home - which we will go through together next class.

What to expect?

Probably amongst the most structured and personalized classes in the market. If you want to drill grammar and learn how to use vocabulary for A1-B2 level, then this is perfect!

Google docs are used, along with PPT and HW for each lesson. In this way we have good quality classes with valuable resources.

Power Point
Google Docs

Every student is taken care of and we will reach the goal of fluency together. If you're eager to try something out of the ordinary; not the every day classroom, then this is a great opportunity. I can't wait to meet you!

Who is Torleif?

Torleif is a passionate teacher with only one goal in mind; To make his students fluent in Norwegian language. This goes for all levels, regardless of the history or background. Each student is taught with care.

+1500 classes
+200 students
TEFL certified
Driven teacher

Torleif has a direct approach when teaching. He likes to have fun dialouges with his students while also learn new vocabulary and grammar along the way. The video below is a good summary of Torleif in as a teacher.

What do the students say about Torleif? Most of the students are pleased with the Norwegian language lessons with him. He has very structured and dynamic classes with everyone.



"I've had around 30 Norwegian lessons with Torleif and each has been engaging, well-planned and tailored to my level. He explains concepts clearly, and his slides for each lesson are really engaging."


"Torleif is a great Norwegian teacher and I feel my level has improved significantly in a short time. His lessons are very well organized and easy to follow. He is patient and explains things carefully giving useful feedback and advice."


"Torleif's teaching methods are highly effective. The way he approaches his language lessons is to allow the student to explore how the Norwegian language works. I've had almost 50 lessons with Torleif. Can't wait till we hit 100!"

Lani J.

"Thanks for nice lesson every time, Torleif. I have learnt for half year. I learn norwegian with textbooks, but it is boring. His lecture is very unique, fun, simple and very useful for the real norwegian conversation. I am very satisfied!"


"I have been learning many languages for most of my life and have had a lot of teachers with varying degrees of competency who were either great or average. In sum, Torlef is one of the best language teachers I've had."


"Torleif er den beste språklæreren jeg noensinne har hatt. Han er klar for hver time og aldri før har jeg følt meg så komfortabel med å bruke norsk! Jeg kjenner at både uttalen og selvtilliten min har forbedret seg de siste seks månedene"

Norwegian Courses

Let's watch Norwegian!

Book for Total Beginners!

This book will make students learn Norwegian. The materials shown have been created to be fun and effective. If one wants to accelerate the learning curve, then this is the right square for you, grab a coffee and enjoy!

Norwegian Lessons

If you are eager to start learning with Torleif, then you can book a lesson with him below. Vi snakkes!